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"Some of the things that I appreciate about Amiee is her inexhaustible work ethic, her ability to find a way to solve any challenge, and her fearless approach to take on challenges and go after goals without being limited by doubt or fear of loss."

Loyd Reagan
Regional Sales Executive, Austin, TX

"Josh, you don't come to the table with, ‘Hey, I'm going to get 60 minutes with the Midwest so that I can, I don't know, check that off my list.’ Instead, you always bring the goods. You always go above and beyond. You love sharing. You love helping. You love giving back. It's very, very evident that it's genuine, so thank you."

Jeff Bry
Region Manager, Vector Marketing

"The support (from Vast Action) is really first class. Even though they work with hundreds of clients you always get your questions answered right away. They make you feel like you’re their only client."

Aaron Sahr, NY

We are Vast Action, Inc

We help small businesses, entrepreneurs & sales professionals master their sales process, implement systems for organizing, tracking and communicating with their clients and prospects, and scale through leverage so they can build successful businesses and client bases they’re passionate about serving without sacrificing their lifestyle to do so.

Josh & Amiee Mueller are small business owners passionate about serving their clients through their family approach to doing business. They came from nothing, earned individual success, then built something special together.

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How do some people manage their client base like a well-oiled machine while others struggle? It comes down to having a simple system that combines client data, marketing and value-add communications, follow up tasks and other organizational keys in one place that’s easy to learn and even easier to use. Save time, Communicate consistently, and Follow Up with the best clients and prospects at the right time and watch your business grow. 

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Tired of low energy, boring speakers? Had your fill of rah, rah motivation? Through our energetic, engaging and entertaining stage presence, we will help you and your team discover proven, actionable strategies you can use to impact your sales and grow your business. Our real-world experience has helped us uncover simple, easy to use frameworks that lead to business growth and mastery. 

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Training & Coaching

Could you use a boost in sales? Have you wanted an army of raving fans as clients? Do you wish your team was more engaged? Ever wonder what the masters of sales do to reach the highest levels of performance? Learn these topics and more through Amiee & Josh’s online courses & coaching programs.

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Business Services

Do you know your marketing could be getting better results? Is the administrative work piling up? Are the marketing deadlines being missed? Our team can help you leverage your time so you can focus on what you’re best at and what’s most important ... growing your business. 

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