Monthly Marketing Membership

Available for Vast Action CRM customers

Marketing to your clients isn't ALL about letting them know when you have a sale going on or when you'll be selling at an event.

Focusing only on the sales aspect can be alienating and result in diminishing marketing returns. Studies show it's necessary to have value-added (educational and/or entertaining) content marketing sent to your clients in order to increase loyalty, repeat orders, and stay top of mind.

We've restructured our Monthly Content Marketing Memberships to provide more options and value to you. Give everything a look to review the perks offered for each marketing tier.

With each monthly marketing membership level, you get to designate your preferences on three factors.

Email Style - All marketing tiers can now choose between either a short-format or long-format style.

  • Short-format is, of course, a short and sweet email with Cutco product information or education, as well as other value-added content.
  • Long-format is more like a newsletter, chock full of fun information that ties into our theme and product focus of that month. This one is longer, so it provides more content options for the customers than the shorter version.
  • The same theme and product of the month will be used in both format styles.
  • You're not bound to either format - if you want to keep it short one month and more in-depth the next, all you have to do is let us know ahead of time (by the 15th of the previous month).

Involvement - When you're busy with sales, having to approve an email or subject line probably isn't your #1 priority. We understand. So, we offer two options of involvement: No Approval Needed and Approval Needed.

  • With No Approval Needed, you tell us the date or time frame you want your emails to go out each month (such as every 2nd Wednesday or the 12th of the month), and we'll get it sent every month...with no other input needed. (*You'll still get a proof by email each month).
  • With Approval Needed, we won't send your emails out until you have approved your email proof, provided your send dates, and picked your subject line. Your participation is required to ensure your clients get your email that month.
  • As always, you're also free to schedule your emails yourself if that's your preference.

Pricing & Perks - We have three levels of marketing: Silver, Gold, & Platinum. All levels of Monthly Content Marketing include your content email and the admin work to get it scheduled. You'll also get additional social media images you can use and access to a library of conference calls regarding marketing strategy. At the Gold and Platinum levels, you get access to even more perks. See the chart below to see what you have access to at each membership tier.

Please see our flyer here for a complete list of how Marketing Membership works, what's included, notes and limitations, and other information.


Monthly Cutco Content Email Silver Membership

$64.99 USD every month

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Monthly Cutco Content Email Gold Membership

$99.99 USD every month

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Monthly Cutco Content Email Platinum Membership

$134.99 USD every month

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