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Do you ever sell cookware and have clients need help with learning to use it, or have clients return it because they struggle to cook with it?

If yes, this may be the answer you've been looking for! Josh Mueller created this email campaign to combat these issues with great success on lowering returns and customer dissatisfaction.

This 8-email Cookware Client Email Campaign is a cookware client on-boarding program that teaches clients how to use their cookware through a combination of written guides and video links.

When you purchase this drip campaign, we'll build the email campaign into your CRM, then once it's in your system, you can change how often each email will go out or leave it as is. Buy it once and use it again and again to add value to your cookware clients.

With a total cost of $297 for the campaign, that breaks down to only $37 an email, which might be one of our best deals available! And if it helps save even one cookware order, it's paid for itself.

A brief summary of the eight emails:

  • Email 1: Welcome to Cutco Cookware, basic cooking instructions and finding the right temperatures
  • Email 2: Cleaning tips and recipes
  • Email 3: Frying eggs and choosing the right size
  • Email 4: Cooking an entire meal in one pan and a cleaning tip for burnt foods
  • Email 5: Cooking veggies and making crispy rice treats in the Wok
  • Email 6: Cooking meats without oil and various heat levels and meat cooking techniques
  • Email 7: Cooking salmon and cooking times for various meats
  • Email 8: Cooking omelets and advanced cooking techniques.


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