Printed Products for Direct Mail

Give your clients all the details on your upcoming event or sale with a letter mailed out to them!

Letters give you the opportunity to give all the finer details of your specials, and let you clients know what’s going on at an event you’ll be at, to give them enticement to come out and see you while they’re there.

Letters don’t have any specific templates to choose from; we construct your letter based on the parameters and options you choose and the info you provide to us about your sale or event. In the case of events, we’ll also do some research about what’s going on at the event, so that we can put that information into the letter.

When you order Letters through Vast Action:

  • We’ll construct a letter based on the information you provide us in the questionnaire linked below; you’ll get a proof to review for any changes that need to be made
  • We’ll prep your list of recipients based on your parameters
  • Printing is black ink only on your choice of colored paper
  • Your choice of double or single sided printing
  • Envelopes are printer addressed and mailed directly to your clients
  • If you’re interested in hand-addressed envelopes, which are proven to have a higher open rate than printer-addressed envelopes, we can also quote this for you, but may not be able to fulfill it depending on our workload in the office

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