Fall Catalog Program

Do more with your 2022 catalogs by adding a more personal touch.

It's that time of the year: Cutco Catalog Blocking! We're happy to provide a number of services to complement your fall catalog drop so that you maximize your impact with your clients.

You have a several options when it comes to sending fall catalogs to your clients.
Option 1: Send only CSP catalogs through Cutco
Option 2: Send CSP catalogs through Cutco, & a separate postcard through Vast Action
Option 3: Send CSP catalog & a separate letter through Vast Action
Option 4: Vast Action bundles your catalog together with letter in envelope

Prices vary by what method you choose and what quantity you order. Click here to see our pricing and information flyer for more detailed information on what goes into the various catalog blocking options. Please note that the deadlines on the flyer are on based on last year and there have been no concrete deadlines given by Cutco yet for 2022. We'll update when a date has been announced.

Ready to get your catalog options squared away, or need a quote?
Send us an email at [email protected]

Want some FREE catalog training?

Below is our catalog training program: Advice from pros in the Cutco field on how to maximize your catalogs program results. You might find it useful to watch the videos to help inform your catalog decisions, and to get you prepared for what to expect with catalog marketing.

Learn what the leaders in the field are doing with catalogs with this FREE training program!

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