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No more HOPING your sale promotions produce profits.


Make the results predictable. 


What if you had all the tools, training & support you need to confidently grow your sale promotion results over & over again?

Students in this coaching program increase their sales by an average of 100% over the same month the year previous.

While we can't guarantee YOUR results, we can guarantee that when you do the work and use our process you'll become a ninja at maximizing results from your own sale promotions. 

See what Sale Promo Max students are saying about coaching with us ...

"3 calls and 3 orders. Just getting started and can't believe I'm just starting to do this in my business." ~ John Israel - Dallas, TX

"It was great! Thank you guys for running such a great program!  Doubled my BEST December ever."
~ Deanna Scortino - Burbank, CA

"$1,000 sale on my very first click call." 
~ Joshua Curry - Madison, WI

"Sale promo max helped me in my holiday sales & beyond. I continue to use the systems I've learned. I was never great at selling over the phone until I joined. Then I joined again!" 
~ Sharissa Sosa - San Diego, CA

"I'm reaching customers who haven't ordered in years. This time around I doubled my results from the last time." 
~ Anonymous

"I’ve had over 50% growth from this year in comparison to last year and a 67% increase over my best month ever." 
~ Kadeem Samuels - Orlando, FL

"So far have sold over 31,000 on 98 orders and climbing." 
~ Brandon Wynn - Edison, NJ

"Sale Promo Max has changed my business. My first time running a spring & summer sale I sold $16,000 & $10,000. My best holiday sale promo before that was $4,000. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to take their sale promotions to the next level." 
~ Manny Martinez - McAllen, TX

"Every single year this program gives me the tools to master yet another area of my business to successfully hit my goal. The thing I love most is that everyone can benefit from this program, no matter what your career sales are."
~ Tara Michielli - Spokane, WA

"Just had my best Sale Promotion ever thanks to this training!"
~ Stacie Barton, Marisa Maher, Nicole Reed, Seth Kinzer, Mike Tortora,
Jamie Zimbroff, Maria Stewart, Michael LeMaster,
Matt Hansen, Carlton Thompson, Joshua Curry,
Luke Mills, Jonathan Schmitz, Josh Mueller,
Luciano Pataki, Dwayne Murdock, Anthony Caeti, Lindsay Musser, Tara Michielli,
Brandon Wynn & many more!


Here's what you get:

  • How to Build  MULTI-CHANNEL MARKETING into sale promotions

  • How to Confidently GENERATE TRAFFIC to website, inbox & phone

  • How to quickly IDENTIFY & TARGET qualified buyers 

  • How to SYSTEMIZE the process of planning, scheduling & executing a sale promotion as a solo-preneur or as a team

  • How to MAXIMIZE RESULTS every time a sale promotion is run

  • 24/7 Access to our Interactive Classroom which includes

    • Video & audio training

    • LIVE calls w/ clients

    • Scripts, templates & more

    • Everything needed to be successful w/ a sale promotion

  • Daily Focus Nuggets to help keep the ball moving forward on the one most important item for the day

  • ACCOUNTABILITY through our private GroupMe thread & current students going through this training with you 


Team Support ...

-->        The Vast Action Team is there to help you get it all done & on time. You pick your dates, your specials, & answer a few questions ... we do the rest!


Training Support ...

  • Get something to watch or listen to each week

  • Get a simple assignment to complete to move forward each week

  • Get LIVE COACHING CALLS the next time Luke & Josh are running their own sale promotion


Accountability ...

-->  You get 24/7 access to our private text group 
-->  Everyday you'll get a question to answer or tip to focus on 
-->  Ask questions between calls, share hot news & learn from group 
-->  Our students consistently tell us THIS is the #1 thing that helps them drive results as it holds them accountable to doing the work!


COME ... be part of an amazing group of people all working on the same project together


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Sale Promo Max Coaching - 3 pay

3 monthly payments of $367.00 USD 

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