Serve your audience with speakers who get them engaged in the message, leave them motivated and with action steps they can implement immediately

"Over the past 11 years I have attended dozens of conferences with speakers from all over the United States. Amiee and Josh are 2 speakers I always look forward to. Energetic, passionate, and gifted are 3 words that describe their messages! Their stories connect with the audience and their message comes through with clarity and purpose. An all-around superb choice for keynote speakers!"

Nick Matlack
Divisional Sales Manager for Vector Marketing

"I had the opportunity to hire Amiee to come speak to our Chamber members. I am really glad I did. Everyone can relate to her message. Amiee has an undeniable talent to challenge, inspire and foster positive discussions and bring the best out of employees. Without a doubt, Amiee is a speaker whose message will be beneficial to your organization."

Beth Sherman
LaGrange County Chamber of Commerce

"Hi Josh! After your call with the North Florida Events Team I decided to up my commitment level. I just had my best sales week and month of my career and I wanted to recognize you for all your influence. I respect how many people you've touched and at such a level of mastery and precision. THANK YOU!"

Jason Gravely
Clearwater, FL

Creating & Retaining a Productive Team

From this message, you’ll walk away with at least one action step that will help you transform your productivity and retention.

Engagement is the key to low turnover, high productivity, and having a business and team you love. Fostering employee engagement takes a few key strategies. We’ll talk about having clarity in roles and processes, having a culture that supports engagement, and the communications that must come from the leader.

We’ll also talk about how to implement these strategies and have it save you time, not cost you more of it.

Contact Amiee to inquire about  her availability to speak to your audience.

Where's your Head at?

Do your or your team ever get stuck in a mental rut? Ever have trouble snapping out of being overwhelmed or frustrated with your challenges? Are you ready for an answer that's more than just "think positive"?

In this fun & engaging keynote, Josh breaks down the ABC's of the Championship Mindset and will leave your audience with a step-by-step roadmap they can use to build mental fortitude, maximize productivity and minimize the amount of time they allow negative experiences, thoughts, and feelings to take away from their ability to perform at their highest level.

Contact Josh to inquire about his availability to speak to your audience.

Sales Mastery Formula

Ditch the pitchy, pushy sales tactics of the past and learn how to master the art of creating a Best In Class Sales Experience for every prospect and client. Learn a 6 step sales process that keeps things personal and helps you find the perfect package for every client, every time, in the least amount of time possible.

Josh has personally closed over 15,000 deals (and counting) and he shares lessons learned from his experience and from training and interviewing sales champions and teams responsible for over $250 million in sales. He breaks down sales into a simple, easy to understand process that has increased results for both new and top performing sales professionals across North America.

Contact Josh to inquire about his availability to speak to your audience.

Systems to Grow Your Business

When you think about your business, how would you rate your level of peace of mind, confidence what you delegate is getting done properly, efficiency in tasks or projects, and ease of leveraging others to help you?

Wherever you rate yourself now in those areas, effective systems can move you up that scale. Systems are necessary for quality delegation and leverage. Systems are a must for being efficient at completing tasks and confident that clients are being treated the way you prefer.

In this message, Amiee will share:

  • How to know when you need a system & when you don't
  • What makes up a quality system that works
  • Delegation skills that inspire the team to do their best
  • Key Systems found in successful businesses

Contact Amiee to inquire about her availability to speak to your audience.

Mastery of Up-Serving

Time to get rid of upselling and start Up-Serving. Do you want to increase your average sale without working any harder? What if your customers thanked you for selling them more on top of what they already committed to buying? What if there was a step-by-step way to accomplish this and more without coming across as salesy or pushy?

In Josh's most requested sales training you'll learn specific phrases, questions and closing techniques that help you confidently lead every sales experience to its maximum potential after you get the first yes, every time. All while keeping it fun and personal for the client.

You and your team will leave with clearly defined action steps to increase sales with the very next prospect.

Contact Josh to inquire about his availability to speak to your audience.

Hack Your Brain

The last ten years has brought us much information on how our brains work and what we can do to use our subconscious as an ally in our success. A few questions Amiee will answer include: How much of your environment is being filtered out of your awareness?  Why do optimists outperform pessimists? What are the small steps I can take to optimize my brain function?

Amiee breaks down these concepts so they are easy to understand, relatable to everyday living and she teaches skills you can implement immediately. The actionable strategies she’ll share with your audience include:

  • Subconscious Strategies for Conscious Success
  • How our subconscious affects our results
  • Priming your brain to help you achieve your goals
  • There is such a thing as a bad question
  • How mood affects brain power
  • Physiology’s effect on the brain

Contact Amiee to inquire about her availability to speak to your audience

"Josh & Amiee are a power couple that can change your lives. I love how they tailor the message to any audience and use stories of personal challenge, to illustrate strategies that can help you achieve the outcome you desire. One thing I love about listening to them teach is when they deliver a message it feels like its directed right at me, whether I’m in a room of 100 or 1000 people. I’ve listened to both of them give messages across the USA and they’ve never disappointed. If you’ve ever wanted speakers who you can count on, who will make an instant impact, who will challenge people’s mindset and who can get a group the results they need, look no further"

Brett Lancaster
National Sales Manager - Dallas, TX

"Josh truly leads by example. His messages at our conferences have taught me how to run my business like a business and create a rock-solid plan for success. When he came out to train our show staff everyone learned a ton and my average order at shows almost doubled from what I learned. If you want to take your business to the next level I recommend training with Josh."

Nick Najjar
St Louis, MO

"Amiee's own story should be motivation enough but the way she presents it will give anyone inspiration. She has nothing but energy to give and the biggest heart. I recommend everyone have her speak to their company or just to them personally"

Patrick Lee
PK and Son's Enterprise's, Inc.