5 Steps to Increasing the Number of Eyes on Your Emails

marketing Feb 11, 2018

Years ago when I first got into business the internet, email and everything else related to it was in it’s infancy. There wasn’t social media or texting, and cell phones were just coming onto the scene.

The world has changed in recent years and so has the way we do business. Today’s we’re more connected than ever and as a result, our client’s attention is more valuable than ever. Our ability to capture AND KEEP the attention of a client is arguably the most valuable skill set we can develop.

How do you leverage the communication of today to capture AND KEEP the attention of your client’s so you can be sure you’re their go to person for the product and/or service you offer?

I learned this the hard way. The first time I invested in direct mail I got zero response. Well, except for my mom and one other client who both already planned on buying from me. For years I was the person who said, “I don’t email or call my clients”. I didn’t want to be the “annoying business” that alienated customers by giving the impression I only followed up when I wanted to sell something.

I did pride myself on providing great service. Eventually I figured out how to leverage email, direct mail and direct follow up in a way that nurtures the relationship we have while scaling our brand at the same time … EUREKA! Building long term loyalty with existing clients and prospects starts with developing the ability to keep them engaged by nurturing the relationship.

Whether you’re sending email or direct mail, here are five steps we’ve found to effectively write nurturing communications that clients look forward to receiving.

  • Step 1 : Appreciate. Always start with genuine appreciation. We all like to feel good. Make me feel good and I’ll want to keep reading, listening, etc.
  • Step 2 : Personal Connection. Make a connection between us. Can you make me (the client / prospect) feel good AND connect that to a personal update about you (the person I have considered or have done business with)? How have I helped make YOUR life better?
  • Step 3 : Purpose. Explain the purpose of this communication. Why are you reaching out to me? Why am I still reading. Enough with the feel good … now get to the point.
  • Step 4 : Action. Always remember a call to action. What do I need to do now? Why? And what’s in it for me if I ACT NOW? Ask clients to reply to a specific question you’d like feedback on, or request service if they need it. Have them click a link to get a resource. Ask them to share your email (or letter) with friends, family or colleagues. Get creative and have the confidence to always ask people to act.
  • Step 5 : Smile. End on a smile. Most people open and read BUT don’t act … this is just reality. Make sure everyone who opens and reads, regardless of whether or not they ACT, leaves feeling good about you. ALWAYS REMEMBER, we can never OVER-appreciate.

Think about the emails that you never pay attention to. Or the junk mail you always throw away without opening. When you develop the ability to design your marketing so it cuts through the junk and ends up something your clients look forward to you’ve won half the battle. Now, when you do run a promotion, many more people will see it and as a result many more people will act on it. This drives not only your relationships with your clients but also their repeat business and long-term loyalty to you. What’s the next step you’re going to take to improve your nurturing communication with your clients? Leave your comments here and share this with someone you know!


Image by Designecologist


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