Routine CRM Maintenance Tips - Part 1

crm maintenance systems Apr 17, 2023

Your car will not continue to perform as designed without routine maintenance. Oil & filter changes, tire rotation & brake pads, car washes & tune-ups are necessary to keep it running smoothly and avoid costly fixes down the road. Your Vast Action CRM is much the same.

A CRM is a tool to help keep your business running smoothly, and doing routine maintenance tasks will optimize its performance. But neglecting it can result in missed opportunities to optimize marketing and time-consuming clean-up efforts in the future.

If your CRM isn’t on a routine maintenance schedule, there’s unrealized potential there waiting for you. A simple CRM maintenance schedule can save you time and money over the course of a year – and we all know time IS money.

1. It starts with a solid foundation. Get to know your system.

When you get a new car, you spend some time learning how to drive it and take care of it – from locating the cruise control to setting up the...

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Improving Your Email Deliverability

Spam – it’s everywhere.

Spammers (don’t get me started) are cramming our inboxes with an endless stream of junk mail, and have been since the Internet was in digital diapers. To combat this, safeguards have been put in place to screen out these unsolicited emails from non-existent Nigerian princes and fly-by-night pharmaceutical companies.

And that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, spammers don’t give up so easily and these spam filters – try as they might - can’t always discern between junk mail and our own legitimate emails we’re trying to disseminate to a list of recipients. Which is why a certain percentage of our emailed messages get tagged as spam and are undelivered or relegated to a junk/spam folder.

But don’t despair, mon frere. There are tips you can learn and techniques you can master that will help shepherd your emails to their ultimate destination. But to grasp them will mean taking a deep dive into the world of email...

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