Routine CRM Maintenance Tips - Part 1

crm maintenance systems Apr 17, 2023

Your car will not continue to perform as designed without routine maintenance. Oil & filter changes, tire rotation & brake pads, car washes & tune-ups are necessary to keep it running smoothly and avoid costly fixes down the road. Your Vast Action CRM is much the same.

A CRM is a tool to help keep your business running smoothly, and doing routine maintenance tasks will optimize its performance. But neglecting it can result in missed opportunities to optimize marketing and time-consuming clean-up efforts in the future.

If your CRM isn’t on a routine maintenance schedule, there’s unrealized potential there waiting for you. A simple CRM maintenance schedule can save you time and money over the course of a year – and we all know time IS money.

1. It starts with a solid foundation. Get to know your system.

When you get a new car, you spend some time learning how to drive it and take care of it – from locating the cruise control to setting up the...

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