Do You Wonder How the Best Entrepreneurs Accomplish More and Maintain their Sanity by Doing Less?

personal success Jan 21, 2018

Have you ever gotten to the end of the day and though you were busy all day you felt like you didn’t get anything important done? It’s time to reclaim our lives and get back on track to accomplishing our goals and here’s a simple way to do that. accomplish-more-maintain-sanity I’ve been in business for years and it seems that the better business gets the harder it is to stay focused on the most important things. There have been many days I felt like I needed to work on an important project but things got in the way. Emails open doors, unexpected meetings, a conference call got scheduled, social media notifications and next thing you know … didn’t make progress on anything but BOY I sure did “stay busy.” Reclaiming our day can be simple when we build just a few routines in place to protect our time so we can focus on making progress in the areas we deem most important.

  1. Start the day in your best state. The most successful people have a morning routine that centers and prepares them for their day. You deserve to start each day with a bang! Check out if you need a place to start.
  2. Define priority projects. Make a list of all projects. Prioritize that list. We never have time to do everything, especially when things are growing. We have to prioritize and determine the most important things.
  3. Take Back the Day! Be proactive vs reactive throughout the day. Schedule everything with blocks of time. Priority Projects, meetings, calls, driving, email, social media. Even working out, meals and personal time off. It’s not restricting but very freeing when practiced.
  4. Get up early. I used to be a “night owl”. But when I became a “morning owl” instead it became quite clear that getting up early afforded me the opportunity to be much more productive during the time when I’m the freshest.
  5. Work on the Priority Projects FIRST. They deserve your attention when you’re the freshest, right after your morning routine. Don’t let the world of reaction take over your day by engaging with email, social, and other forms of distraction at the beginning of your day.
  6. Work on one thing at a time. Research shows multi-tasking as one of the largest productivity killers in the world today. I recommend reading “The One Thing” for some great strategies for eliminating multi-tasking.
  7. Get to work. Avoiding getting started on or completing a project? Figure out why! To move forward, what do you need to learn? Who do you need to learn from? What resource do you need? Stop waiting for something to magically show up and get to work making it happen.

Managing our time comes down to narrowing our focus and staying committed to that focus in a world that is filled with a virtually unlimited number of distractions. As Jim Rohn said, “Time is the greatest equalizer of all.” We all have the same amount of time in each day, and we have complete control over how we use it. What are your top three priorities and what will you be doing to better manage and invest your time moving forward? Please share in the comments below and share this post with someone who needs it!


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