Make People Feel Good

quality communication Aug 20, 2017

Begin With Making Them Feel Good

While in a parking lot, walking from my car to the grocery store, I was approached by an elderly woman.  She was standing at her open trunk with her grocery cart parked right behind her car.

“You look strong.”  She said to me.  “Could you help me put this watermelon in my car?”

I was happy to oblige.  After getting her groceries nestled in her trunk, I bid her farewell and headed into the store.  I couldn’t help but think of her approach as I shopped.

Start with a compliment

Before I ran into her, I can’t remember a time when someone’s very first words to me included a compliment.  Even before I knew what was happening, I felt good, was smiling, and was happy to help before she even asked.  What a brilliant approach, I thought.  Make someone feel good right away.

How will you make people in your life feel good today?  This week?  This month?  There are unlimited ways to do so.  Here are the five listed in the book The Five Love Languages:

  •  Act of Service – Do something nice for someone else.  Clean something they normally clean so they don’t have to, make them a meal, run an errand that will put a check mark on their to do list, hold a door open, etc..
  •  Words of Affirmation – This is what the lady did for me.  Make someone feel good by telling them what you like about them, how you feel about them, etc..
  •  Gifts – The price isn’t the determining factor for success here.  The fact that you were thinking about them and wanted to give them something is enough.
  •  Quality Time – Spend time with them.  That doesn’t mean you have to spend an entire day.  It’s more important that the time you spend is quality (no distractions like cell phones, emails, etc.).   Give them your full attention, even if it’s only for 20 minutes.
  • Touch – Rub his/her sore shoulders, hold his/her hand, give hugs, and when appropriate… kisses.

To create an amazing world, make everyone feel good not just the people closest to you.  Be mindful of your interactive impact on strangers, service providers, fellow drivers, and anyone else with which you come into contact.

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