The 5 P's to Setting Yourself Up For Success

personal success Dec 10, 2017

If I can come from a kid who was in an out of jail 3 times in high school, total hippie, no sales experience, no business experience and basically very little education and build myself into a successful business owner, coach and trainer, then YOU can accomplish anything you want as well.  

 1)    What is the PROJECT that you're working on? What do you want to accomplish? 

Too many people let other people tell them what their goals should be.  Take ownership of your goal.  Go after something that YOU get excited about.  Be specific.  "I want to sell ______ by ______."

 2)    What is the PURPOSE of this goal to you?  What does it mean to you? 

Too often we wander aimlessly toward something that we want to achieve without ever defining for ourselves why we're doing it in the first place.  What does accomplishing the goal mean to you long term?  What will it help bring more of into your life?  Meaning is the #1 thing most people are missing when there is a lack of excitement or motivation. 

 3)    What is the PLAN for getting there? 

Once you know what you want and why you want it, then it's time to get to work.  Break down the goal to the ridiculous.  What is the ONE daily action that when done consistently, day in and day out, will make the difference between achieving the goal or missing it. 

 In our business it's usually the # of calls that need to be made.  So, break it down.  Sales Goal / Average Order / Closing Ratio / # of Appointments / Cancelation Percentage / # of Calls / # of Days / # of Calls per Day. 

Once you have this info then you have to schedule the time to go after it.  What are your personal life priorities?  Put those into your calendar first.  A lot of people sacrifice their lifestyle for work.  When we lead with lifestyle in making our schedule, all of a sudden work becomes exciting, because it becomes the vehicle that makes the lifestyle possible.  So, personal first.  Then fit the business activities in around it. 

 4)    Who will be your PARTNERS in the process? 

 We all need to hold ourselves accountable first.  But no one accomplishes something great by them self.  So, who will you talk to every day to celebrate the wins?  Who will be there to support you and help pick you up and keep you going during the losses?  Who are you helping get to the next level?  Make sure you surround yourself with people who know the goal, know the plan, and agree to be there for you to talk to and support you every day throughout the push. 

 5)    How often will you track your PROGRESS

One big mistake people make during a challenge is they never check in on their numbers.  They get to the last few days only to realize that they are behind and they don't have enough time left to catch up.  Sit down every day and review what the goal is, what the plan is, where you are so far, and see if you're on track or off track.  Then make adjustments to the future plan to compensate for either.  My rule is that if I'm ahead of where I need to be, I don't change anything.  If I'm behind, I either adjust my schedule OR I adjust my focus. 

Finally ... All of this only works if you also have a great mindset.  I maintain what I call the Championship Mindset.  It protects me from all the evil distractions that are out there vying to get in my way and pull me from my goal.  Things like self doubt, negativity, friends who don't get it and just want to play all the time, bad results, etc. 

It starts with a BELIEF that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  It's true.  Look at the history of the world.  If you don't believe that anything is possible, pick up a book on someone great from history and read their story. 

And it ends with a COMMITMENT to DO YOUR BEST AND FORGET THE REST.  This commitment puts us in the position to simply do our best (Take Action) and forget the rest (Don't Worry About the Results).  Anytime we end up focusing on the results we usually are less productive and things are more stressful.  Anytime we simply focus on the actions and doing what we know to do and doing it to the best of our ability, the results are always better and the process is simply more enjoyable. 

Again ... this stuff only works if you have a great mindset AND you get out there and work.  Nothing worth doing is ever easy.  If you're not willing to get out and get some work done (on your business and on yourself) then this may not be the right place for you.  BUT, just the fact that you're reaching out and looking for help says that you care about improving and you want to do better.  That tells me that YOU have what it takes!!

 - Josh Mueller

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