The Six Secrets to Success in Cutco (other than making calls)

cutco success Aug 13, 2017

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Make everything as FUN as possible.

For customers, the more they enjoy their time with you, the more likely they are to be in a purchasing mood. Use jokes, even if they are corny. Give them high fives, especially when they get an answer right or do or say something cool. Get to know them! Take an interest in their lives and really listen to them. Express enthusiasm for your product and your work. Enthusiasm is infectious and people love to be excited and see people who are excited.

Always be learning.

Even the very top performing people are continually looking for ways to improve their results. You’ll never get to a place where you can’t improve. At the end of every appointment, ask yourself, “What could I have done better?” or “What did I learn from that one?”. Ask others those same questions.

Cross train with other reps; you’ll always learn at least one helpful thing. Go to meetings and events, which is where you tend to get your highest level of learning from top people. Use the resources online... videos and audios designed to help you improve. If you want to earn more, learn more.

Carry more Cutco.

The more you have to show, the more the customer can play with, feel, use, and experience Cutco. They’ll get excited about more pieces and your average order goes up. Don’t just use it on your appointments, though. Use it at home too. Get to know the products. Your enthusiasm for them will come through even more genuinely on demos when you do. Just make sure you keep them in excellent condition and always clean them so they look brand new before putting them back in your sample kit.

Use stories to teach people.

The way our brains work makes teaching through stories the most effective way to tell someone about something. People respond to stories, they’re entertained by them, and they remember the point you make for a longer time. If you need stories to share, get your family using Cutco consistently and then go back and ask them to share with you how it’s going. Get stories from other reps. Get testimonials from anyone you run into who has Cutco already. Listen to “More Than a Job” on VectorConnect’s media library to hear a handful of excellent Cutco customer stories.

Have confidence in the price.

 It’s easy to have confidence in the product’s quality. It’s undeniable; not subjective. However, each person develops their own subjective opinion on the price or value of the products. When you’re a newer rep, oftentimes, you haven’t been exposed yet to the hundreds or thousands of customers who will tell you how much Cutco is worth its price... how it’s worth more than its price. So it’s not as easy for you initially to understand the wonderful value of the products. If you don’t truly believe the products are well worth the price, then you’ll need to fake that confidence until you do. And you will believe it eventually. It’s up to you how quickly that will happen for you. It’s easy to believe 100% in the price when you clearly understand...

  1. The quality of the materials and craftsmanship
  2. The unique guarantee and service provided to the customers
  3. The many customer reviews stating how it’s the best thing they’ve ever purchased and totally worth the investment
  4. The high number of people who upgrade their collection, because they didn’t buy everything the first time and once they’ve used it for a while, they see how their lives will be even easier with more tools. (which they realize after seeing how much easier it is with the ones they have already)
  5. Talk to people who had Cutco demos before and didn’t buy anything.. and went on to be frustrated for more years with their poor quality tools only to eventually decide they didn’t want to suffer anymore, and ended up buying Cutco.

The products are made by a great company, run by people with integrity, who care about more than just the bottom line and consistently give back to their communities and multiple charities.

Have systems in place for your business.

To truly impress your customers, after the demo and during any follow up for years to come, have systems to help you with the following.

  1. Organization. How will you organize your customer’s information? To keep track of their contact info, what they own, what they wish to add on in the future, when you last communicated with them and what the communication was about? And track your referrals?
  2. Communication. How will you communicate with them? Via phone, email, direct mail, etc.? How will you track it? What will the communications be? When it gets to a big enough number where it doesn’t make sense to do it all manually, how will you scale it while leveraging your own time?
  3. Calendar and Tasks. How will you keep track of any future follow up without letting anyone slip through the cracks?
  4. Segment your list. How will you keep track of different types of customers (business gift, realtor, residential)? How will you track status: prospect versus customer? How will you segment by area lived in, products wished for, people who need service, etc.?

The right systems help keep you organized, help make you more effective when you communicate with your leads or customers, help you generate repeat business from your current clientele, and save you time and energy while you do all of that.

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- Amiee Mueller


Photo curtesy of: John Jackson 


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