Up-Level Your Sales by Remembering These 5 Simple Rules

sales success Dec 31, 2017

We are all in sales. Title or no title, we need to influence family, customers, team members and other people who support our life and business toward helping us accomplish a common mission. Today’s world is more connected, competitive, and distracted all at the same time. Our ability to authentically connect with people is arguably the most valuable skill we can develop. level-up-your-sales I’ve been in sales for over 15 years. Whether I was meeting with a prospect, speaking from a stage or running a group workshop it was becoming increasingly harder to complete a presentation without losing their focus. I felt like I was in the midst of a zombie invasion, striving to survive in a world of people wandering around reacting to every bing, buzz and ding of the little pocket computers. I was still closing enough sales to win a couple national championships; but I felt like I was pulling teeth sometimes! I began studying other masters in my industry who were competing at the same level but were getting sales faster. What I learned helped me cut my sales cycle in half without losing revenue and significantly increased the long-term loyalty and attention of every client. Making sure these five steps are part of every sales experience can help keep people’s attention, make sales faster and secure long term loyalty with each client.

  1. Make a connection. Get in front of prospects and help them feel welcome by staying present, being engaging with genuine questions about them and their needs, and wearing a smile. Get people thinking, “Interesting; tell me more.”
  2. Uncover Needs. What are the biggest needs and challenges of your clients? How does your product or service offer the solution? Stay personal and build trust by asking questions that connect with these emotions.
  3. Get A Decision. Combine feelings of need with logic and sales happen quickly. Why does choosing to invest with you vs anyone else make the most sense? Have you found the best solution for them yet?
  4. Add more value. Do you believe that once the first order is placed the game has just begun? What other solutions do you have to offer and how do you reward clients for bundling? Only one of you knows if there’s more money to spend and the other knows what other solutions exist. Confidently looks for ways to sell more.
  5. Earn the loyalty. Never assume a client should know how to feel or what to do after the sale. Affirm their decision to invest? Instruct what to expect and how to interact moving forward. Recognize and appreciate their time, investment, trust. Help every client and prospect walk away feeling great about their experience. Then, when you follow up, they’ll be excited about paying attention!

Every customer and potential customer should walk away feeling like they had a best in class experience. When they do, they’ll be excited about paying attention when you follow up. And you’ll feel great about having a new client. This process can facilitate the energy needed to consistently create that type of selling experience. What can you do to better connect with your clients throughout the sales process? Please share your comments and feedback in the comments section below and share this post with someone who needs it!


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