The Funny Thing About Your Financial Freedom

personal succcess Jan 07, 2018

One of my financial planners shared a quote that has stuck with me for years. “Money doesn’t buy happiness. But neither does poverty. So we might as well be RICH!!” Money isn’t the secret to happiness BUT it is a necessary tool to helping us create the life we desire. And our ability to make it is different from our ability to manage it and make it work for us. financial-freedom I’m not a financial planner and I can’t give professional financial advice so always be sure to consult your financial gurus, but I can share what I’ve found to help me do a better job managing and saving my money as I’ve built my business and increased my income. For the first 10 years of my working life I was always the guy that would say, “I’ll begin saving when I make $XXX!” What’s funny is, no matter how much money I made at the end of the year, all I had to show for all my hard work was a bunch of bills to pay and a zero balance in the bank! I...

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