Cybersecurity 101 for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Modern technology has made life easier in many ways. However, it can also introduce new threats. Cybercrime is an excellent example. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, it's critical to educate yourself about cybersecurity threats that could derail your business operations or put sensitive data at risk. TechRadar reveals that attacks against small businesses have increased since the COVID-19 pandemic. Educate yourself to stay safe. You can begin with these suggestions:


Use strong passwords for all of your business accounts and devices.


Your business devices, software accounts, and email should all be password protected to prevent potentially malicious third parties from gaining access to your data. Consumer Reports offers actionable tips for creating strong passwords, like including upper and lower-case letters along with numbers and symbols. Also, they advise against "recycling" passwords. You should further change passwords if you suspect a breach of any kind....

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