Winning by Mastering Your Failure Response

Everybody loves a winner.

We can’t get enough of them. Our culture celebrates them, rewards them, idolizes them. We wear their jerseys, follow their stock tips, and flock to their movies. And, oh yes, we buy their books, eager to discover the secrets of their success.

We love about hearing from those winners. When they open up and reveal their secrets, they don’t just share the positive qualities that helped them succeed—work ethic, education, persistence, etc.

Every successful person has positive traits we can learn from.


Every successful person has failed in some (or multiple) ways.

Oftentimes, there’s even more to share about their failures. When they list the mistakes they made, and more importantly, how they learned to move past them while also embracing the insights and opportunities those set-backs provided them…that’s where the real gold is and the more interesting part of their story.

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