Improve Efficiency, Productivity, and Delegation by Implementing Five Systems


What words might you use to describe the ideal entrepreneur? 

Creative?  Innovative?  Risk-taker?  Visionary?  Sounds about right. 


The word “organized,” on the other hand, probably doesn’t leap instantly to mind.  Though “organization” doesn’t get the blood-pumping in the same way that, say, “record-breaking quarterly profits” does, creating and maintaining an organizational system (or systems) is a key to unlocking efficiency and productivity.  And efficiency and productivity will put you on the fast track to those record-breaking quarterly profits. 


“But I’m not an organized person,” you may be saying to yourself. 


Join the club.  You’re probably not an insanely wealthy tycoon and philanthropist, either (not yet, at least), but you’re not going to let that little fact stop you from becoming one.  You can become...

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